Our Team

Utilities & Energy Services (UES) is a department under UCF’s Facilities & Safety division. Our staff, comprised of professional engineers, technical experts, and skilled specialists, are tasked with advancing the University's strategic goal of carbon neutrality. The department develops and implements policies, plans, and programs, and oversees operations practices, to reduce energy consumption.

Partnering with our associates at the University, local community, and utility providers to leverage faculty and staff expertise, student projects, institutional research, and other resources to promote education, drive innovation, and support our commitment to environmental stewardship.

This division was streamlined 2015 to aggressively reduce energy use and cost. The associate director is responsible for campus commodity procurement, production, distribution, and billing administration. The assistant director of energy services oversees analytical services, systems integration, commissioning, energy projects, and building automation. The assistant director of engineering manages the technical and analytical indoor air quality and alarm response. This new organizational structure will allow UES leadership to focus on the needs of our customers in their primary areas of expertise and division of responsibility, and to collaborate in areas requiring support.

UES is also responsible for providing and supporting a wide variety of mission-critical services at the University. UES provides both utilities and energy management services for 177 buildings, comprising of 7.8 million GSF of conditioned (both cooled and heated) space, across UCF’s 1400 acre main campus.

As one of the largest universities in the country, energy conservation and sustainability is increasingly important. Buildings are the primary source of UCF’s CO2 emissions. The University has been growing, including the construction of the north-end expansion comprising of student housing, athletics, and retail. Since 2005, as a result of improvements in energy efficiency and execution of various sustainability initiatives, the University has reduced energy consumption by 27.1 percent, despite campus growth of 3.7 million GSF. Under the currently adopted 2015 Master Plan (Current Campus Master Plan 2015-2025), we will continue to implement the most efficient and sustainable practices while the University is anticipating an additional 480,000 GSF of construction over the next ten years.

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